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October 5, 2019

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I had completed my Integrated M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from IIT Roorkee in May 2012. Mine was the first batch of 11 students which graduated with this degree. There is also a 2 years M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics programme, however I will brief about my course.

Key positive points in current course curriculum:

  • Considerable number of pure mathematics courses.
  • Courses related to computer science such as Data Structure and DBMS provide us a significant leverage and put us ahead of most other branches during the placement session on Campus.
  • Applied Mathematics courses are in diversified area such as Computer Science (Data Structures, DBMS, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics); Statistics (Probability Theory, Multivariate Techniques); Operational Research (Optimization Techniques, Non Linear Programming); Engineering Mathematics (Theory of ODE, Theory of PDE, Mechanics I & II); and Numerical Analysis along with other elective courses. Course curriculum is of significant advantage to explore your interest in Mathematics.
  • We study three important courses in Statistics: Probability & Statistics, Multivariate Techniques and Statistical Inference(elective). Hence companies/institutions from financial sector such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Indian School of Business have preferred hiring students from this Branch.

Also you can choose

Here are two informative blog about this course from the students

In (1) you will find latest statistic regarding placements by . One of the student in the batch opted for less traveled road and she is now working with Teach For India,

If you are choosing this branch based on the statistics above remember this - Once Bill Gate walked into bar, on an average, everyone became millionaire. Game of average is delusional. You make your carrier. Like other IITs, IIT Roorkee and this branch will form a good platform.

Apart from placements there are other things worth mentioning:

  • Students from Integrated M.Sc. have done and are doing internships in almost every top institutes in India which include - other IITs, ISIs, IMSc, CMI, IISERs, etc
  • As a part of their internship, some of the students also worked in foreign universities which include - University of Surrey, University of Leeds, University of Auckland, California Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore and Queen's University- to name few.
  • Apart from these Universities people have also gained rich Industrial exposure by working at reputed Institutions such as: Bunge, Reserve Bank of India, Direct-i, A to Z-infrastructure, Stratagile (Singapore) etc.
  • Three of us were selected for M.A./M.Sc. scholarship and one for PhD scholarship awarded by NBHM. In the GATE examination(2011), almost everyone from fourth year(the batch graduated in 2012) scored in percentile 90% or more with highest All India Rank (AIR) :7 and 12.
  • Three of us are part Google Summer of Code which is considered as very prestigious program in open source community.
  • Every student of this branch (who maintain a CGPA greater than 6) receives INSPIRE scholarship that provides Rs 60, 000 p.a and Rs 20, 000 p.a. for summer Internships.

If you have any query please drop them at and someone from current student or alumni will get back to you. You can also sent at but former will be addressed quickly.


Q1) What about the quality of those pure maths courses?

Most of the faculty members here works in Applied Area and use Pure mathematics as building block. If you are comparing Pure mathematics courses with CMI, IISER here they are less rigorous.

PhD in Applied Mathematics
PhD in Applied Mathematics
Primary Basic Math Reasoning Skills : Applied Mathematics
Primary Basic Math Reasoning Skills : Applied Mathematics

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