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June 16, 2021

Create websites with Xara Web

Cover ArtWeb design and fluency with website creation tools are quickly becoming fundamental skills, regardless of what field you pursue. This guide will introduce some of the website creation tools that WIC can help you use. And remember, a well designed website may include stunning visual images or interactive content, so check out our workshops for help with using supplemental tools like Photoshop and Prezi.

Call Number: Online

ISBN: 933

Publication Date: 2009

Learn the basics, such as the CSS rule structure. Work with web typography and page layout. Create effects for images and other page elements. Learn techniques for configuring lists, forms, and tables. Design effective web navigation and create custom links. Get creative by combining CSS with JavaScript.

Call Number: Van Pelt Z674.75.W67 R44 2008


Publication Date: 2008

Roles, skills, and responsibilities; Usability practitioners and testing methods; Web designers and visual attributes of web sites; Web developers and Web applications; Build a program for user-centered design.

Source: guides.library.upenn.edu
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