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June 21, 2012

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Web Developer Fast Track Standup MeetingJoin a small but diverse group in our immersive country house code retreat and after six months you’ll be a qualified web developer with the skills to work in startups, agencies or anywhere else you want. We can even place you in a role where you’ll earn up to £35k in your first year.

What it is

It’s a six-month, full-time residential training programme: you’ll work like never before, but you’ll live like a millionaire and be miles ahead of the pack of junior devs when you finish.

Spend three months learning to code alongside leading industry professionals, who are available when you need them the most. Then, apply your skills in real-world web development teams, with a paid work experience placement, working under the supervision of your mentor.

Daily Standup

Why it's different

Web Developer Fast Track Classroom This is the only code bootcamp that pays you to do work experience on live client projects. Being full-time residential, you’ll get around 14 days more facetime with tutors than a weekday-only bootcamp, and we’ll mentor you throughout your six-month placement.

Whatever your background, we’re completely focused on training you up for an amazing career in web development. We’ll find you a brilliant full-time role with much more responsibility and a higher salary than other web developers with one year’s experience.

Above all, you’ll have spent months in a single-minded code environment, but with none of the burnout and stress you’d experience in central London. You’ll emerge relaxed, confident and highly skilled: a developer fully ready for the job market.

Comfy Classroom

Where it is

Our luxury riverside millhouse HQ is less than an hour north of London in the Bedfordshire countryside. You’ll have a private ensuite room, lots of space to relax in, and we’ll take care of all the domestic stuff so you can keep your mind focused. Working alongside your classmates and instructor, you'll get the facetime you need to get the help you need, when you need it.

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