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June 9, 2020

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Classes range from single workshops to 4 – 12 week courses. New class schedules begin seasonally and class registration occurs during the two weeks before the next session’s start date. CRCs run on interim schedules during the holiday season and public school closure.


Work with kids around the world or learn how to be safe on the internet. Youth programming is available for children aged 6 to 13 with a free recreation center membership.


Learn graphic design and video production, become a Green Teen, study for the SATs, and get your homework done! Programs are available for teens aged 14 to 17 with a free youth recreation center membership .


  • Find open hours to enjoy and use the computer resource center.
  • Are you a first-time computer user? Learn the basics, learn the key features, and become a technology guru!
  • Professional skills are the most important ingredient for career success. Learn to use computer tools that will get you where you want to be.
  • Learn how to animate a cartoon, film and edit your own comedy show, make your own website, get rid of wrinkles in a picture, mix and edit your own music, and so much more!


Each center is equipped with PCs, Macs, and a variety of peripheral equipment. Digital tools available for member use include:

  • PC and Mac computers
  • Scanners
  • Digital cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Audio tools
  • Microsoft Office and multimedia software
  • Assistive technologies for the visually impaired

Disability Access

  • Text magnification and screen-reading tools are available in many staffed CRCs for any computer users who want to use them. Contact your CRC Coordinator for more information about accessing these tools.
NYC plans to offer all public school students computer
NYC plans to offer all public school students computer ...
Beacon School NYC - Computer Room (1)
Beacon School NYC - Computer Room (1999)
Help NYC High Schools Start Teaching Computer Science
Help NYC High Schools Start Teaching Computer Science

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