If you decided to make a wooden toy with your own hands

January 9, 2020

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What should you remember to make a wooden toy for your child? Why has this folk skill recently been revived so actively? It is explained by the fact that wood is an environmentally friendly material, completely harmless, and items from it are obtained strong and attractive. Each master, deciding to create wooden toys, has his own secrets, skills and methods, so the number of tools and the set is usually chosen individually.

It depends on the complexity of the work, presence of any device. The more complex the manufactured item, the more skills and tools will be needed. It may even be necessary to have the skills of a turner and a miller. After thinking about what kind of toy to make, you should prepare the material. If there is an opportunity to take wood on your own site – this is the best way out, but many people have to buy raw materials in specialized stores, they are always available in the store or warehouse, where you can choose trim, remaining substandard wood. Plywood can also be used for work. Before assembling the toy, all the details must be carefully cleaned and sanded. It should be immediately, performing children's wooden toys with their own hands, to decide how all the details will be connected to each other. The mount must be reliable and strong.

Most often, glue is used for these purposes, insuring it with wooden fasteners. In the process, you may encounter some difficulties. Wood will not respond well to processing if it is not previously dried, so it is better to wait a little until the tree is completely dry. Usually details in homemade toys are small, therefore you will need extreme attention. But if you do not want to waste your time or you are not a handyman, you can just buy waldorf tree toys in every toyshop, they are quite cheap.

Photo by Woodencaterpillar.com

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