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June 11, 2019

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The on-line education market is booming the world over, and is currently considered a hotly growing sector. In fact, surveys conducted by leading global market research firms have indicated that on-line education will follow a upward moving graph and that more and more organizations andindividuals will implement this mode of training.

Studies have shown that close to 92 percent of large organizations will implement network (intranet, Internet) training in 2000.

It is also indicated that 41 percent of global majors have placed at least one course on-line for employees. In terms of products, systems and new service offerings, there are at least 516 such offerings available in the market for on-line and technology mediated learning.

Some interesting statistics on the size of the on-line education market across the globe, put forth by US based IDC point out that the on-line education or E-learning market will grow from $1.1 billion in 2000 to $11.4 billion in 2003.

The key contributors to the growth of this segment will be Fortune 500 companies that will be spending increasing amounts on Knowledge Management within their organizations. It is expected that Knowledge Management services would generate a global revenue of $ 8.8 Billion by 2004 (source : Ovum)

The other key driver for growth would be education and training where mid-career professionals would be reskilling themselves on the Web. According to Peter Drucker, the growth in education spending won’t be in traditional colleges and universities, but instead, would be ramped up by Web enabled continuing adult education.

On-line Education in India

The On-line education market in India is showing marked potential and is expected to be a significant revenue earner for the industry in the years to come.

Already a number of key initiatives are being taken by the industry to incorporate Net-based training as part of their curricula. Steps are also being taken by various State Governments in India to incorporate Net based training into their IT agendas.

Some of the developments taking place in the on-line education market are as follows:

» Growth in the education to home market. The Government has shown interest in this segment of the computer education market. An example are the Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Governments who have initiated pilot programs involving education dissemination through the television, with student responses coming back over the Internet.

» Distance learning. The concept of distance learning is being adopted by leading private and Government funded educational institutes as a means of reaching a wider and more remotely located audience. Leading private sector computer institutes have already launched Net based courses which students can follow through a self paced regime.

» Foreign University-Indian training institute tie up. Yet another trend has been of foreign Universities tying up with leading Indian education institutes for offering Net based education. At the end of these self paced programs, students give an exam over the Net and receive a certification from the foreign university. Courseware too is usually free over the Net.

» Collaborations between Indian Universities and Indian training houses. In the recent months a number of computer institutes have tied up with Indian universities to jointly offer Net based training. The tie up of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) with Satyam Infotech is a case in point.

» Collaborations between some IITs, CMU, IIITs and IIScs for imparting distance education

On line training: the enlarging impact

On line training is not just the prerogative of the computer sector. The impact of such training is going to be all pervasive and will extend to various segments across a variety of industries. Such a mode of education will be used to reach out to students (both at the level of schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning) and even corporates to enhance the base of skilled manpower within their set ups. In fact, in the latter case, already a number of leading organizations are using tools such as video conferencing and on-line, self paced learning modules for employees to expand the ambit of their knowledge.

Similarly, a host of education portals have come up to offer various levels of courses that are targeted at segments such as...

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BSc Computer Science Distance Education Study in India
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Online Education in India
Online Education in India

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