Applied Computer Science

December 19, 2013

Applied Computer Science

Bachelor's and master's degrees are available in the field of applied computer science. A 4-year bachelor's degree program in applied computer science not only provides students with a thorough understanding of computer technologies, but also directs them to explore technical issues associated with a particular career path. Master's degree programs are often designed for students who have either an undergraduate degree or professional experience in the computer science or IT field.

  • Program Levels: Bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, certification.
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED for Bachelor's program; B\bachelor's degree in IT, computer science or related field for master's program.
  • Program Length: Four years for bachelor's, eighteen to twenty-four months for master's.
  • Program Specializations: Database administration, networking, software design.
  • Online Availability: Online courses and programs are available.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science

Most programs require students to choose a concentration in their sophomore or junior year. Students can focus on applying computer science theories and techniques to various disciplines, such as computer game design, bioinformatics or software engineering. Some core courses include:

  • Data structures
  • Database systems
  • Networking and communications
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Computer operating systems
  • Software engineering

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science

Programs allow individuals to gain a comprehensive background in a particular aspect of the computer science field. Master's degree programs in applied computer science are ideal for aspiring networking or IT managers. Students enrolled in such a program might find themselves completing the following courses:

  • Data communications
  • Computer control
  • Advanced operating systems concepts
  • Computer systems architecture
  • Computer graphics
  • Advanced software engineering

Popular Career Options

Applied computer science is a broad term that can be applied to any specific type of computer-related career. Graduates of a baccalaureate program in the field might go on to become a:

  • Computer game designer
  • Software engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Database administrator
Applied Computer Science with Android Program.
Applied Computer Science with Android Program.
Master in Applied Computer Science
Master in Applied Computer Science
Shashank -- IPFW International, Applied Computer Science
Shashank -- IPFW International, Applied Computer Science ...

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