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July 27, 2017

Statement masters in computer

​Uggghhh. Why do they have to charge extra for guac?

OMG. This elevator is taking so long! Stupid elevator algorithm.

I hate this Texas weather.

My TA sucks at grading; I can’t believe they get paid for this.

In 7th grade, I had a math teacher who told the class homework should be done in complete silence. That meant no TVs on in the background, no headphones in our ears, and no friends to talk to nearby.

Starting this past Sunday, a day hasn’t passed where I haven’t gotten down on my knees to thank whichever deity is in charge making sure your muscles and bones heal after you’ve overused them. (Most people call that deity science or nature, but believing in some kind of magic is far more fun.)

​This May, I will be graduating. I will be twenty years old, and have completed my degree in just three years.

Motivation can be hard to come by. If you were to aggregate my motivation from all facets of life and plot it as a function of time, the recent past would likely be a local minimum in the curve. I’m currently investigating why.

Future me! But with burnt orange, of course.

This semester, instead of a full complement of CS or math classes, I’m taking a few liberal arts classes in government and philosophy. One of the classes I’m taking, Constitutional Interpretation (which is really constitutional law), is considered one of the most—if not the most—challenging classes offered by the government department. The professor usually teaches in the law school, but occasionally teaches undergraduate classes; when he does, he usually teaches them the same way he teaches them in law school.

“I feel like I don’t get excited about computer science stuff anymore.”

My grandma is someone I really look up to. When she was about my age, she was operating telephone switchboards for Ford Motor Company, braving harsh Michigan winters, and probably making lots of people feel crazy for thinking they could beat her at Euchre.

The summer before I started my computer science degree, I set the goal of making an app and getting it on the Apple app store. I’m graduating in May, and so far it still hasn’t happened. photo of me at the end of the marathon here
Computer Science Student Kelsey Bueno
Computer Science Student Kelsey Bueno
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Computer Science 70 - 2015-01-20
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