Computer Science Facts

February 22, 2020

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Computer scientists apply their knowledge of information theory and computation to computer systems.

Computer scientists usually focus on theory while computer engineers focus on hardware.

Areas of computer science include programming, software engineering, information theory, algorithms, databases and graphics.

Important subjects related to computer science include physics, algebra, calculus and English.

Good computer scientists have strong analytical, problem solving and logic skills.

Communication skills are also an important part of computer science.

A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for a number of jobs related to computer science but higher level roles often require a PhD.

Our increasing reliance on computer systems makes computer science a growing field with computer scientists typically being sought after and receiving high salaries.

A job as a computer scientist may involve creating software, teaching at a university, research and development, consulting or programming.

As a computer scientist you could end up animating movies, testing software, designing video games, evaluating computer systems, working on websites or creating applications for mobile phones.

PDF Computer Science Experiments (Facts on File Science
PDF Computer Science Experiments (Facts on File Science ...
Daunting Computer Science Job Facts
Daunting Computer Science Job Facts

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