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July 24, 2015

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BLI’s Computer Science Track is an exciting opportunity for teachers to develop core computer science skills while implementing high quality computer science curricula. Over the course of a year, participating teachers learn key skills and practice using instructional strategies that make foundational computer science concepts accessible to all learners. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate in Blended Learning and Computer Science Instruction from Pace University.

The Computer Science Track occurs in a “blended format, ” combining face-to-face workshops with an online learning community. Participating teachers receive ongoing classroom support, attend quarterly workshops, and collaborate with peers through an online learning community. Our second cohort of high school teachers (any content background) will launch in the Spring of 2015, as well as our very first cohort of middle school science teachers.

Middle School Program for Science Teachers

was developed by and Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) to deliver a middle school science program consisting of four instructional modules and professional development for the introduction of computer science concepts into science classrooms within the context of modeling and simulation. The goal of the program is to situate computer science practices and concepts within the context of life, physical, and earth sciences.

High School Program (any content area)

(ECS) is a nationally recognized introductory computer science course. ECS is composed of six units with lessons that are designed to promote an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning foundational concepts in computer science, highlighting the computational practices and problem solving associated with doing computer science. The PD experience for ECS is based on three major pillars: computer science content/concepts, inquiry, and equity.

Our Partners

The Computer Science Track was created in partnership with, a non-profit organization promoting K-12 computer science programs nationwide, and the (CSNYC). Together we will increase teacher expertise so that every student has the opportunity to learn computer programming.

ICT and Computer Science
ICT and Computer Science
Kickoff! Deep Learning: Revolution or Hype in Data-Science ?
Kickoff! Deep Learning: Revolution or Hype in Data-Science ?
u CAN learn Ap Computer Science! Chapter 4 Exercise 3a
u CAN learn Ap Computer Science! Chapter 4 Exercise 3a

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