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February 10, 2020

8 Computer Sciences

BTSOver half of Coursera’s learners come to our platform to build practical career skills—especially in high-demand business and technology fields. That’s why the Coursera team and our university partners have come together to bring our learners hundreds of new courses as part of a comprehensive selection of Specializations in business, computer science, and data science.

Each Specialization is a series of courses taught by world-renowned faculty, designed to support flexible, self-paced learning, with personalized weekly schedules to help learners stay motivated and on track. In addition, the Specializations culminate in a hands-on Capstone Project which learners can add to their resumes or professional portfolios.

In many Specializations, top companies help develop the Capstone Projects and other course content for learners to gain industry relevant skills and stand out to employers. Industry partners for these Specializations include market leaders like Google, Qualcomm, Zillow, Yahoo, IBM, Meteor, Amazon, Splunk, DataCamp, Kongregate, and more.

Market research shows that demand for business, computer science, and data science skills is at an unprecedented high across all industries, and will continue to increase in the coming years:

By 2018, according to a recent study by McKinsey, the United States will face severe shortages of both data science experts and data-literate managers—up to 190, 000 and 1.5 million jobs, respectively.

The world economy is changing fast, and skills in business, computer science, and data science have never been more valuable. Coursera is proud to provide anyone, anywhere with access to the world’s best educators and experts in these fields.

As of today, learners can enroll in the following new Specializations on Coursera:


Computer Science:

Data Science:

Physical Science and Engineering:

Arts and Humanities:

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Computer Science Teachers Speak Out!
Computer Science Teachers Speak Out!
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The Computer Sciences Academy
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