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July 15, 2015

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Computer science is the study of computers and programming languages. It focuses on the theory of how computers process information, as well as the hands-on aspect of writing software to make computers function according to design. Degree programs in computer science will include coursework in computer programming, computer hardware, algorithms and logic, databases, and systems analysis. Many programs will offer elective courses in software design, networks, security, game design, and web programming.

There is a wide range of career opportunity within computer science, and most related professions are growing and well paying. Jobs include programming software, quality assurance and testing, network administration, security, database administration, website development, and systems analysis. Computer science graduates have the option of working for large companies, small agencies, or doing freelance work.

The value of a college degree in computer science is hotly debated, and many people are able to get jobs in the field without any higher education. However, having a degree is a good way to demonstrate competency and breadth of knowledge, and offers a great opportunity to gain advanced hands-on experience early in the career. Many schools offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree options at the undergraduate level, allowing students to choose between broad academic experiences. Graduate programs in computer science also open up opportunities for research, teaching, and leadership.


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Quick Answers

Do I need to get a degree in computer science to work in the tech field?

It depends on your goals. For jobs in the computer and tech fields, many employers focus on an applicant’s knowledge and experience, and may not require a college degree. However, studying computer science gives you experience with many different aspects of the field, like writing clean code and researching new programming languages. Having a degree therefore gives you a leg up on other applicants who have not had the experience that comes with the degree, and may train you for other elements of a job that someone who can just write code would not know.

Do all computer science degrees focus on programming?

While a large part of an undergraduate computer science program will focus on learning programming languages, you will also learn about other aspects of software development and testing, security, networking, hardware, and project design.

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