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March 12, 2021

As these are average salaries

Is a web design degree worth itA web design degree often encompasses learning various skills related to creating content for use on, or through, the World Wide Web. These skills include: web design, computer graphic design, motion graphics, animation, user experience design, coding and computer engineering. Depending on the type of degree obtained there will more or less emphasis on any of these skills.

A degree in web design can lead to various jobs, such as a web developer, programmer or graphic designer. Furthermore, many web designers are skilled in mobile application development and the creation of new media projects for film, television and video-gaming.

Generally speaking, the types of personalities attracted to web design are the artistic type. Having an interest in the visual representation of things is helpful as well. Curious, investigative, personalities also find the computer coding aspect of web design stimulating.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Web Design Degree

There are a few disadvantages to getting a web design degree. First, a Web Design degree is often times as expensive as attending a private four-year university, especially if seeking a Bachelor’s degree in web design, as opposed to an Associate’s degree or certificate. Secondly, some believe that the time associated with earning a web design degree might be better spent learning how to actually do web design on your own while gaining real, practical experience. Also, part of the cost of the expensive education could be spent on a really powerful computer and up-to-date software.

The advantage to earning a web design degree is that it separates you from the crowds of so many that do not possess a formal education. It can position you as an industry leader and have long term effects in terms of income potential and sustainability.

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