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December 26, 2020

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learn web design onlineToday, we kick off the inaugural session of General Assembly’s first long-form online course, Web Design Circuit. Through twelve weeks of instruction, this online program will provide students with the skills they need to build a website from scratch, including HTML, CSS and the principles of good web design. We’re creating a new path for students to gain the web design skills they need to change careers or level up in their current jobs, regardless of their location or ability to make it to a GA campus.

We are excited about this new program as it gives students the opportunity to begin to gain experience writing code, while also giving them the opportunity to work with a mentor who can help students understand whether web development is the career path for them. Deciding to enroll in a full-time program such as Web Development Immersive is not a choice our students make lightly. Web Design Circuit is an easy way for students to gain experience and skills before beginning the journey to becoming a web developer, user experience designer or product manager through a full-time program at GA.

With Web Design Circuit, we’re making the decision to start learning new skills a little less daunting. After completing the Web Design Circuit, a student’s $1, 000 tuition can be applied in its entirety as a tuition credit to one of our full-time programs: Web Development Immersive, User Experience Design Immersive, or our new Product Management Immersive. Knowing the basics of web design is a useful, complementary skill on any of these career paths, and our Web Design Circuit will provide students with a low-friction learning experience.

Web Design Circuit combines the most effective elements we’ve seen in online education, including lessons we’ve learned from our own products:

  • Web Design Circuit borrows several aspects of Dash, our simple, free tool that teaches people to build websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript, including code challenges and in-browser text editing and HTML/CSS rendering.
  • We also learned from our enterprise products, especially our successful Essentials of Digital Marketing online course. The short videos, interactive quizzes, and high-touch community management that have made Essentials such an effective product for our enterprise clients were inspiration for building Web Design Circuit.
  • Finally, Web Design Circuit is oriented around weekly goals, giving students the structure to keep them engaged with the material. A goal-oriented, practical curriculum with 1:1 mentorship is a hallmark of our on-campus programs, and we made sure to bring this successful model to our online course.

We aim to empower people to pursue work they love, and Web Design Circuit reflects another step in the General Assembly student lifecycle. We’re pleased to improve accessibility to our programs, especially for those who live outside a major metro area or do not have the means to regularly make it to a General Assembly campus. We’re incredibly excited to offer our community another way to learn.

Source: blog.generalassemb.ly
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